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Lobna El Mihy – Head of School

Shaimaa AbdelFattah – IBDP Coordinator – English Language and Literature

Aliki Constantinou – Core Coordinator 

Sarah Amer - IB Office Manager

Shaimaa AbdelFattah – Extended Essay Coordinator

Mohamed Zakaria - Arabic Language and Literature

Ramez Takawy - English Language and Literature Teacher

                           Academic Counselor & Student Leadership Coordinator

Marwa Ahmed  - Language B French

Heba El Sanhoury – Language B German

Maha Zayan – Psychology

Ahmed Bakir – Business and Management

Amira Ibrahim - Economics

Mona Saad - Biology

Merhan El Saadawy – Chemistry

Shahir Eskandar – Physics

Mohamed El Schimi - Mathematics

Hoda Abdelaziz – Visual Arts