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Name           Dr. Mahmoud Mounes
Appointed/Elected            Elected unanimously by the Governing Board on September 2011
Category of Governor
  • Co-Opted Governor.
  • Chair of the Full Governing Body Committee.
  • Chair of the Finance Advisory, Audit, Risk Assurance Committee.
  • Child protection and safeguarding Lead Governor.
  • Chair of the Human Resources Committee.
  • Vice-Chair of the Pupil Wellbeing and Premises Committee.
  • Chair of the Curriculum and Standards Committee.
  • Chair of the School Principal’s Effectiveness Review Committee.
Governance Experience            9 years
Responsibilities of The Chairperson
  • Oversees and manages the financial aspects of the business.
  • Communicating, on behalf of the school, with shareholders, government entities, and the public.
  • Leading the development of the school’s short and long-term strategy.
  • Creating and implementing the school’s vision and mission.
  • Evaluating the work of other executive leaders within the school, including directors, vice presidents, and presidents.
  • Maintaining awareness of the competitive market landscape, expansion opportunities, industry developments, etc.
  • Ensuring that the school maintains high social responsibility wherever it does business.
  • Assessing risks to the school and ensuring they are monitored and minimized.
  • Setting strategic goals and making sure they are measurable and describable.
  • Call and preside at the meetings of the board and the executive committees.
  • In consultation with the School Principal and chairs of committees, prepare the agenda for all board meetings.
  • Include on the agenda any item requested by the School Principal.
  • Facilitate full and balanced participation in meetings by all governors and decide on the manner in which meetings are conducted and matters of order.
  • Report at the annual general meeting on the proceedings and operations of the board for the period since the date of the previous annual general meeting.
  • Act as spokesperson on behalf of the governing body unless an alternative spokesperson has been appointed by the board.