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Winners Tennis Tournament (1st International Schools’ Tennis Tournament)

The International School of Elite Education (ISEE)and Winners Tennis Academy hosted the 1st International Schools’ Tennis Tournament which was held at the AUC Tennis courts in the fifth settlement.


Our students succeeded in the following positions:


British School:

Under 8 years old:

-           Aly Mohamed Ezzat (Year 2A)      – 1st Place

-           Ziad Moataz (Year 2B)                 – 3rd Place

-           Nour Tarek Shaker (Year 1B)        – 3rd Place

Under 9 years old:

-           Aly  Mohamed Ezzat (Year 2A)      – 2nd Place

-           Ziad Moataz (Year 2B)                – 3rd Place 

Under 10 years old:

-           Ali Ashraf Dahroug (Year 3A)      – 2nd Place

-           Khaled Ahmed khairy (Year  4A)  – 3rd Place

-           Maria Hani (Year 4A)                 – 3rd Place

Under 12 years old:

-           Ali Mansour (Year 6B)                – 2nd Place

-           Hana Ahmed (Year 6A)              – 2nd Place       

-           Mostafa Kharashy (Year 6B)        – 3rd Place

-           Bassama El Sorougy (Year 5C)    – 3rd Place

Under 14 years old:

-           Alia Bahig (Year 8B)                   – 1st Place

-           Youssef Tamer (Year 8C)             – 2nd Place

-           Youssef EL Zayat (Year 8C)         – 3rd Place

-           Farida Mohamed Omar (Year 7A)  – 3rd Place

Under 16 years old:

-           Mariam Bahig (Year 9)                – 1st Place

-           Mina Ashraf Fikry (Year 8C)         – 2nd Place

-           Pakinam Amr (IG I)                   – 3rd Place


American School:

Under 10 years old:

-           Salma Fady (Grade 4B)              - 1st Place

-           Seif Mansour (Grade 4A)             - 1st Place

-           Jana Refaat (Grade 4B)               – 2nd Place

-           Layla Fady (Grade 4A)                – 3rd Place

Under 12 years old:

-           Hassan Adel (Grade 6B)              – 1st Place

-           Mohamed Amr (Grade 6B)            – 3rd Place

Under 14 years old:

-           Karim Yasser (Grade 7A)            – 1st Place

-           Doaa Hosny (Grade 7A)             – 2nd Place

-           Shaza Mansour (Grade 8B)          – 3rd Place

Under 16 years old:

-           Shady Ashraf (Grade 10B)          – 1st Place

-           Nada Yasser (Grade 10A)            – 3rd Place



Congratulations to all the winners!